Ignition point

Exceed previous year’s commercial goals

The Hot Sale, similar to Black Friday, is a date marked by intense competition among retailers. They all seek to attract consumers with attractive discounts.

However, for Tienda Naranja – Itaú, the challenge was to go further and offer something that really stood out in the market.

Solution that accelerates

Benefits first, discounts later

Instead of focusing solely on discounts, we decided to highlight the benefits consumers would get by choosing Tienda Naranja during the Hot Sale. The expectation campaign focused on positioning Tienda Naranja as the place where the Hot Sale offered “More”.

The campaign tagline, “The Hot Sale that gives you more benefits and discounts,” perfectly encapsulated this value proposition, promising consumers a superior shopping experience compared to other retailers.

The strategy of leveraging existing benefits in addition to discounts proved to be a great success. The campaign not only generated interest and expectation, but also exceeded all established commercial goals.

This success reaffirms the importance of offering added value to consumers and differentiating oneself in a market saturated with similar offers.

Differential value

We were able to go further and create a customer-centric value proposition that was key to surpassing the previous year’s commercial goals.